Surnames of different countries of the World, One Liner GK

The World's longest, Biggest deepest, highest, Thing
The World's longest, Biggest deepest, highest, Thing,Surnames of different countries

Surnames of different countries, In this page we provide to you Surname of Different countries in all over the World. One Liner GK

Pearl Island – Bahrain

Persian Gulf Pearls – Bahrain

Entrance of tears – Bawal Pavilion Strait

South Britain- New Zealand

Cockpit of Europe – Belgium

Holy Land – Jerusalem

Continent of birds – South America

Blind continent – Africa

Southern America’s Paris – Bunus Aires

Kangaroo City – Australia

Snake country- Brazil

Land of lakes or land of thousands of lakes – Finland

White elephant country – Thailand

Rising Sun Country – Japan

Country of the midnight sun – Norway

Garden of England – Cantt County

Black continent – Africa

Nile’s gift – Eygpt

Lonely Ireland – Pistons

Smoke City – Chicago

East sea lord – Sri lanka

Roof of the World – Pamir Plateau (Tibet)

Evergreen City – Quito

Europe Arena – Belgium

Electric thunder country – Bhutan

Pearl of East – Sri Lanka

Heart of Europe – Switzerland

Empire City – New York

Empire city – New york

City with dream towers – Oxford England
Gunpowder of Europe – Balkans

 Country of gold and diamonds – South Africa

The world’s deadest island – Tristan

 Windy City – Chicago

City of monuments – Viana

 White City – Belgrade
Land of Cakes – Scotland

Mourning of China – Wahgon River

City of the Seven Mountains – Rome

Pagoda Country – Myanmar

 Elephant Country – Laos

Morning peace country – Korea

Pyramid Country – Egypt

City of Attachments – New York

 Thirsty Land Country – Australia

 Land of Maple Leaf – Canada

 Paradise of Europe – Switzerland

 British tomb – Guinea

Eternal City – Rome

Gateway to the Mediterranean Sea – Gibraltar

 Mediterranean lighthouse – Stromboli

City of Canals – Venice

Sugar Bowl – Cuba

 Pages island – Ireland

 Europe Factory – Belgium

 Forbidden City – Lahsa

Turquoise Island – Ireland

European patient – Turkey
Fashion City – Paris
World Bread Store – Prairie Area

 West Gate – Istanbul

Paradise of the world – Paris

 Pearl of the OrientL – Singapore

 Quicker City – Philadelphia

City of Sura and Beauties  – Paris

Surnames of different countries, Deshon k upnaam, One Liner GK


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